Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

This is one of the interesting feature introduced by WhatsApp.

Previously WhatsApp has announced advanced features for better group management. Then in November previous year, the company rolled out the video calling feature. With the Delete for Everyone" feature, those messages you send in the in the heat of anger to your friends, or those you meant to sent to your girlfriend, which you mistakenly sent to you mum, can be deleted from from their Whatsapp timeline using "unsend' button.

Whatsapp is now testing an "unsend" feature which will help users to get rid of messages sent either by mistake or deliberately.

Facebook is also working on a group video chat app called Bonfire, but it's only available to a small number of users right now.

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WhatsApp added the ability to make phone calls within its chat app past year. After adding live location sharing, stories, pinning favourite chats to the top, quoted replies, and text-only status updates, the company is internally testing group video and voice calls.

"There are a lot of hidden references about group voice calls, but there is only one reference about group video calls", WaBetaInfo tweeted. The reference to group calling was found in the 2.17.70 beta release of the app. "So group video calls are partially confirmed at the moment", WaBetaInfo tweeted on Sunday. Users will be able to add other users during a call.

Download the New WhatsApp APK from below to test this real-time location updates with your friends, and let us know how it worked for you, try to send in a group with your friends together and see how it works in reality.

The app is available for free for mobile devices running on iOS or Android. It also has a feature that will notify your friends when you change your number. More importantly, there will also be a feature which would prevent the group creator from being deleted by other members. The latest list of features include the ability to choose if the other participants in the group can modify the subject, icon or description of the group.