Kelly defends Trump's call to Gold Star widow

John Kelly 'broken hearted' by Dem rep's attacks on Trump

Wilson's office told The Daily Caller News Foundation she "stands by" her Wednesday night statement, in which she reiterated her original account of Trump's phone call.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly defended President Donald Trump's handling of the deaths of US service members, and delivered an intense emotional rebuke to those he accused of politicizing the issue.

You can say, 'I'm so sorry for your loss.

"[Wilson] also had quite a few comments that day that weren't part of that speech and weren't part of that video that were also witnessed by many people that were there", Sanders said.

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) is not backing off her claim that President Trump disrespected a fallen soldier's widow earlier this week. La David Johnson, "must have known what he signed up for" before he was killed during an ambush in Niger. He knew what he was getting into when he joined that 1 percent.

"I think it's so insensitive", Wilson said of Trump's comment.

Discussing Kelly's remarks, Tapper said the chief of staff spent his time at the podium "deriding politics and the sullying of grief in this whole controversy, but he is just laying rhetorical body blows and insulting, personally, the Congresswoman".

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Nielsen's nomination and help make America safer and more secure". 'I would offer, though, it is not the best job I've ever had. Trump allegedly said, or people who are going to be fired or whatever and It's just not true", Kelly continued.

Kelly took to the White House podium on Thursday to say that he was "stunned" by Wilson's decision to take to the press to criticize Trump for his call with a Gold Star widow, though he did not dispute Wilson's claim that Trump told the widow of Sgt.

Wilson also recognized other members of Congress, including then-House Speaker John Boehner, for their key roles in helping to get the legislation quickly through Congress.

"If you want to go after General Kelly, that is up to you", she said. "He knew what the possibilities were because we're at war".

President Donald Trump's latest Twitter foe is a Democratic U.S. congresswoman from Florida who wears a glittering cowboy hat.

She said Boehner got the bill to the House floor for a vote in two days. But a video of her remarks at the dedication shows she never took credit for getting the government to come up with the money for the project. During her speech, Wilson said, "It is a miracle, to say the least, but it speaks to the respect that our Congress has for the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

"I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me", he said. Trump later backtracked, saying he was "told" other presidents did not make such calls. Kelly asked reporters, lamenting that the death of a USA soldier is no longer "sacred".

Kelly said he explained to Trump beforehand how he had learned about his son's death and what the officer said to him.