N.Korean Envoy Warns Nuclear War Could Break out at 'Any Moment'

North Korean Diplomat: Nuclear War May Break out at any Moment

Former US Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke early this morning (Wednesday) at the 18 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul insinuatingly criticizing US President Trump's policy towards North Korea.

The US and Japanese diplomats agreed on Tuesday to maximise pressure on North Korea to resolve tensions over its nuclear programme.

Mrs. Clinton also indirectly referred to Mr. Trump's social media comments on North Korea, saying, "the insults on Twitter have benefited North Korea, I don't think they've benefited the United States".

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday asserted that his diplomatic efforts to relax tensed relations with North Korea will continue "until the first bomb drops".

Kim said North Korea will not target any country that does not join a US-led military campaign.

Talks between the adversaries have always been urged by China in particular, but Washington and its ally Japan have been reluctant while Pyongyang continues to pursue a goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile to hit the United States.

North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Kim In-ryong, warned that nuclear war can break out at any moment, as the crisis on the Korean Peninsula has reached the touch-and-go point, USA Today reports.

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The United States and South Korea on Monday began a 10-day joint naval exercise in a fresh show of force against the North, with a USA aircraft carrier and two U.S. destroyers taking part.

Kim's speech follows escalating threats between North Korea and the United States, and increasingly tough U.N. sanctions.

"The Chinese can't have it both ways", Clinton said.

Such a policy of No First Use, or NFU, of nuclear weapons has always been advocated by many prominent government officials and foreign policy analysts, both during and after the Cold War.

He added: "Right now the leadership of North Korea have deployed missiles aimed at the USA and are doing these provocations, but they desperately want relations with the U.S.".

The central committee of the North's ruling Workers' Party of Korea said China had made "great progress in accomplishing the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics" under the guidance of the Communist Party of China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping did not mention North Korea in his more than three-hour-long address at the opening of a key Communist Party Congress.