FCC plans to repeal net neutrality rules for Internet service providers

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The so-called net neutrality rules prevent broadband companies from slowing down or blocking any sites or apps. As has been discussed for months, if the new proposal is accepted by the FCC, broadband internet service will cease being subjected to Title II regulations and will return to an information service classification rather than a telecommunications one.

With three Republican and two Democratic commissioners, the move is all but certain to be approved.

In May, the FCC approved Pai's proposal to review the Open Internet order passed under the previous U.S. government in 2015, which laid down a number of rules for ISPs aimed at ensuring net neutrality.

Under the proposal, the FCC's rules would pre-empt state or local regulations that impose net neutrality requirements on broadband providers, a senior FCC official said. Pai, a Republican, set a December 14 vote on overturning rules adopted by the FCC in 2015, saying he wants to move away from "heavy-handed, utility-style regulations upon the internet".

Under current laws, internet service providers must treat all internet content equally.

Supporters of net neutrality have argued that an end to the regulations will prompt big internet service providers to raise prices for favored, revenue-generating content such as new movies while slowing or eliminating access to less-favored and typically free material.

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Consumers Union called the proposal "an enormous loss for consumers" that "would give internet service providers more power and control over the websites we can visit".

"The most-hated and worst-rated companies will be free to block, throttle and discriminate against your speech on the internet if Trump's FCC chairman gets his way", Wood said. Nearly six out of 10 Americans favor keeping the current regulations, while only 16 percent said they wanted to overturn net neutrality, according to a phone survey from Consumer Reports. "Instead, the FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that's best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate".

Netflix also said that they didn't support the FCC.

"The FCC's net neutrality rules are working well for consumers, and we're disappointed in the proposal released today", Google said in a statement. He said earlier this year "people tell me that they want fast, affordable and reliable internet access".

The days of net neutrality are numbered.

"The FTC stands ready to protect broadband subscribers from anticompetitive, unfair, or deceptive acts and practices just as we protect consumers in the rest of the Internet ecosystem", Ohlhausen said in a statement Tuesday.