Harrison Ford helps rescue woman after crash

CANNES FRANCE- MAY 18 Harrison Ford attends

It was Harrison Ford to the rescue Sunday when a woman lost control of her auto on a California highway. Witnesses say Ford was driving behind her when she lost control.

Ford, 75, was driving along the California State Route 126 in Santa Paula when the driver in front of him swerved onto an embankment, TMZ reported. They headed over to the scene to help, and along with others, they were able to help the woman out of the auto. Together, they were able to help get the woman out of the vehicle as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Indiana Jones to the rescue!

"He acted as a good Samaritan, just like everybody else, and tried to help before emergency services arrived", Alonzo said of Ford's actions, according to USA Today.

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The driver was transported to Santa Paul hospital with minor injuries, a representative for SPFD said.

In March 2015, Ford was hurt after crash landing his plane at the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California, near the Santa Monica Airport.

This isn't the first time Ford's lent a helping hand though. Ford and others managed to get the unidentified driver out of the vehicle.