Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sex Trafficking During Cannes 2014

Harvey Weinstein

When she rebuffed him, he "forcibly" pulled her into the bathroom, where he pulled down her shirt, unbuckled his trousers and masturbated as he rubbed against her and then forced her hand on his penis, the lawsuit states.

The company violated USA sex trafficking law by "benefiting from, and knowingly facilitating, the venture in which Harvey Weinstein traveled in foreign commerce to recruit or entice female actors into forced or coerced sexual encounters on the promise of roles", states the lawsuit.

In a separate case, also filed on Monday, an unnamed woman is seeking more than £300,000 in damages against the disgraced producer over "a series of sexual assaults" alleged to have taken place "many years ago". "He was someone that I thought was going to make my dream a reality", Noble said of her former thoughts of the mogul.

During the encounter, the lawsuit said, Weinstein put Noble on the phone with a producer from his company who told her to be "a good girl and do whatever he wished" and if she did "they would work" with her further.

Now 31-year-old Kadian Noble has filed a suit claiming that she met Harvey Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, before he invited her to Le Majestic Hotel to discuss her future.

Kadian Noble filed a lawsuit with the NY federal court on Monday accusing Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in France.

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Kadian claims that Weinstein then called an unnamed Weinstein Company producer in the USA, who told Kadian "that she needed to be "a good girl and do whatever he wished, ' and if she did, then 'they would work" with her further". Later, in Cannes, France, Weinstein asked Noble to come to his hotel room, under false pretenses of business. She told him to stop but he forced his leg between her legs and began to rub her vagina.

The suit also names Bob Weinstein and The Weinstein Co. as defendants. Furthermore, the suit claims TWC employees used a code word for young women who participated in sex acts in exchange for a movie role.

"TWC employees knew to "take care" of the FOHs".

A spokeswoman for Weinstein said: "Mr Weinstein denies allegations of non-consensual sex". "Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances".

The lawsuit was filed this week and because of the additional element of sex trafficking - with Weinstein crossing global borders with Noble - the statute of limitations is increased to 10 years.