How to legally cut a Christmas tree on Alaska public lands

Oregon Christmas tree farm harvests trees

If the needles pull out easily, or if they appear a tiresome, lifeless green, that tree may be past its prime.

If you are going to attempt to trim back your own tree, there are rules about pruning.

"Christmas trees are kind of unusual because its a four to five-year crop".

Upside-down Christmas trees are common among many Slavic groups-Carpatho-Rusyns, Poles, Slovaks, and Ukrainians. They are tightly sheared when grown as Christmas trees to create a dense, full shape.

Ron Evans is President of 4 E's Trees and says their business might only be open for a short time, but the process to grow the trees is year-round.

Absher said for every tree he sells, he sends his customers home with a packet of Forest Fresh, a pill that is placed in the water of the tree stand. And as those trees come due for harvesting this year, there are fewer on the market and prices are higher.

They have an abundance of White Pines and Leyland Cypresses. "There's no risk of damaging the tree but because it's such a centrepiece, it's worth spending a bit of time on it and pruning with a bit of finesse". Trees can suck up a gallon or more of water a day.

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For those wanting to head into the country to find their tree, Sussex County has more than a score of tree farms with their own traditions and amenities, from hot chocolate around a campfire to Newfoundland dogs pulling carts laden with fresh-cut evergreens.

Soon the smaller pair of legs backed out from under the tree and seven-year-old Logan ended observation of his father's efforts and joined his mother.

The newest tradition is the caps; the longer tradition is a stop at Yetter's Diner, just down the road, after getting their individual trees. When you are ready to take the tree down, simply pull the disposal bag up over the branches.

When grabbing a tree, make sure to look at the color: the greener, the better.

Gardeners also recommend installing it away from the fire place. No water additives are needed, but keeping the base in water is a must.

Christmas tree business owners said their orders could not be delivered or completed.

Even having it next to a heater vent could be unsafe, since it'll dry out the tree and make it easier to burst into flames. If you purchased your tree but it will be several days until you bring it in to decorate, you should store the tree in a cool shaded area.