Hundreds of Lidl staff getting pay rise in Northern Ireland

Hundreds of Lidl staff getting pay rise in Northern Ireland

They are based on the cost of living in the United Kingdom and London.

This news is the latest example of the commitment that Lidl UK is making to its employees, going above and beyond the "National Living Wage" (formerly the National Minimum Wage) as set by the Government, and comes as the Living Wage Foundation issues its new rates based on the cost of living, which Lidl UK has pledged to match.

The increase takes the voluntary United Kingdom living wage to £3.15 more than the mandatory minimum wage for 18- to 20-year-olds.

More than 3,600 employers signed up to the rates, which are higher than the statutory national living wage of £7.50 for over 25s. The Living Wage Foundation sets two rates, one for London and one for the rest of the country.

Ahead of Living Wage week (6-12 November), KPMG's annual Living Wage report reveals 21 per cent of people in the United Kingdom are still earning below the real Living Wage, meaning that an estimated 5.5 million employees are struggling to get out of in-work poverty.

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"It is clear that it may not be possible or practical for everyone, but businesses need to do what they can to address the problem of low pay".

"In-work poverty is today's story", she says. Chief executive John Holland-Kaye said "paying the living wage is the right thing to do".

The Living Wage Moment are bringing on board Auckland electricity and gas distributor Vector Limited as an accredited Living Wage employer.

As a result, London now accounts for nearly 42 per cent of businesses paying the Living Wage in the United Kingdom. Paying the London living wage is not only the action of a responsible organisation, but a successful one too.

Director of the Living Wage Foundation, Katherine Chapman, said that the living wage is necessary because it reflects the "real cost of living in the United Kingdom and London". "We encourage other employers in Oxford to adopt the Oxford Living Wage". In the capital today, more than 2 million people are struggling to make ends meet and the ethnic pay gap is shockingly and unacceptably large.