Starcraft 2 will go free-to-play later this month


"With the massive Wings of Liberty single-player campaign, endlessly replayable co-op mode, prestigious ranked ladder, comprehensive map-making tools, and more, StarCraft II now delivers the ultimate real-time strategy experience completely free".

The award-winning StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty story campaign is free in its entirety.

Free to play is here, bringing a wealth of options for new and returning StarCraft II players. Blizzard now feels that the time is right to make the game free-to-play.

It's also a substantial chunk of singleplayer content for players that might want to try it out.

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The free version of the game offers Wings of Liberty single-player campaign for free of cost. "It was very important to us that this be accomplished in a way that feels good to our current player base and also attractive to new players or lapsed players who haven't played since Wings of Liberty". Players will gain access after achieving 10 "first win of the day" achievements, something that Blizzard have explained will mean the Ranked mode isn't flooded with rookie players or smurf accounts.

For those of you who have already purchased any of the three campaigns as of October 31, we'll soon be sending you a small thank-you in the form of an exclusive Ghost skin as well as three new portraits. But, that deal is only available from November 8th to December 8th.

Starting on November 14th, everyone can download StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for free.

The game was really divided into three episodes, each focusing on one of the three playable races (Human, Zerg, and Protoss - but you knew that), and only the first (the human one) will be available for free. The multiplayer mode will enable gamers from around the world to compete against each other. Well according to an interview with Gamespot, a Blizzard PR rep says they'll be offering a digital reward, " I think they're calling it the founder's gift.