Trump Criticized CNN International & The Internet Quickly Came To The Network's Defense

Trump Criticized CNN International & The Internet Quickly Came To The Network's Defense

U.S. President Donald trump has accused CNN in creating a biased image of the country.

President Donald Trump wants to award news outlets a "fake news trophy" for what he perceives as "dishonest" and "corrupt" media coverage of him.

Blitzer narrated a segment Monday that featured four minutes of clips with CNN reporters on unsafe reporting assignments in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

The Department of Justice has sued to block the merger, and legal experts have speculated that Trump's previous comments about CNN may be brought up during the litigation.

This pursuit will not end at CNN, "no matter how many insults, or blatant assaults on the press and its freedom".

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The news comes folded into a story about Trump's support of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by six women of pursuing them romantically when they were teenagers, and by two of sexual assault.

It's not clear if a specific report prompted this latest outburst. If they can't do their job, then dictators will not be held accountable. Some see the move as an effort to hand the network over to a conservative buyer, like Rupert Murdoch.

It seems that Trump just won't let up this weekend, and CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins joked that this one came at a particularly inopportune time - many were tuned into the Auburn-Alabama football game.

CNN more adheres to the policy of the democratic party and often criticized trump during the race. Trump once denied in a tweet that he has enough free time to watch TV.

Left out of his challenge: Fox News, the network most likely to have favorable news coverage of his administration.