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Why three-four cups of Coffee a day good for you

Drink up: Three cups of coffee a day 'may have health benefits'

The study collected evidences through more than 200 earlier researches and found that consuming coffee also linked to lesser risk of dementia, liver disease, diabetes and a few cancers.

However, they also said that drinking coffee in pregnancy might be associated with harms, and might be linked to a very small increased risk of fractures in women.

Coffee lovers rejoice! Drinking three to four cups of coffee a day is more likely to benefit than harm a person.

Important to note: There isn't actually a "universally recognized standard coffee cup size", according to the study; what's more, the "bioactive components" contained within a single cup of coffee can vary depending on factors like the type of bean used and the method used to actually brew the coffee.

An umbrella review, for the uninitiated, aggregates and synthesizes previous research and studies to generate a clearer understanding of what they all point to. In fact, the largest benefit was for diseases of the liver, including cirrhosis.

For many of us coffee is literally the elixir of life.

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In this case, the umbrella review looked at 218 existing meta-analyses:201 of them were based on observational research, while the remaining 17 were based on clinical trials. A recent review has suggested that drinking coffee is beneficial for health, and it lowers premature death risks.

The day hasn't really started until you've had your morning coffee. And while we credit a caffeine hit for helping us wake up, perk up and shape up, we often get the coffee-guilts about exactly how much we're drinking. And this study is significant because while lower risks of liver disease, cancer, and stroke had been posited in the past, researchers had not been able to pinpoint coffee as the cause.

However, doctors warn that these findings aren't enough to advise those who aren't drinking coffee already to pick up the habit.Just that people who are already drinking that much don't necessarily need to stop.

This is not the first discovery of coffee's positive benefits.

The researchers, therefore, added that they can not extrapolate their findings to suggest people start drinking coffee or increase their intake in attempts to become healthier.