Democrat wins recount in Virginia House race

Democrat wins Virginia seat in recount by single vote, creating 50-50 tie in House of Delegates

With the parties split 50-50, there is no mechanism to break ties and any legislation short of 51 votes does not advance. Democrats are still waiting for a decision in their lawsuit seeking a new election in the Stafford-area 28th District, which was won by Republican Bob Thomas by 82 votes. It was the slimmest margin among the four House races that sparked recounts. A victory for the Democrat would split control of the House of Delegates 50-50 and end Republican control of the chamber, while a victory for the Republican would mean the GOP would continue in the majority. There were 23,866 votes cast in this district on Election Day, and when the first results were counted, Yancey held only a 10-vote lead over Simonds.

James Alcorn, the chairman of the state board of elections, said the victor will likely be chosen by drawing a name out of a glass bowl.

The parties may have to reach a power-sharing agreement to avoid chaos in the House.

Shelly Simonds beat three-term incumbent Republican Del.

Virginia Democrats picked up one more seat in the House of Delegates Tuesday after a recount in Newport News flipped the results of the November 7 election, according to unofficial recount results. The voter had filled in bubbles for both Yancey and Simonds, but had put a slash through the Simonds bubble, which the court interpreted as intent to vote for Yancey. The victory means a rare power-sharing agreement may have to be brokered between Democrats and Republicans.

A recount is set begin for a Virginia House of Delegates race that could alter the power dynamic in Richmond. The Newport News Board of Elections announced the one-vote victory today. David Yancey but that the voter had made another mark to strike out Simonds' name.

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As she waited with her sister and daughter outside the building where the recount was conducted, Simonds said she wasn't going to celebrate until she had confirmation from the city registrar.

The race is now a tie after the contested vote was changed to Republican candidate David Yancey after judges reviewed it.

A fourth recount in the Fairfax County-centered 40th District confirmed the victor as incumbent Del.

"While it appeared yesterday that Shelly Simonds was elected, it's obvious now that the result will remain unclear for a while longer", they said. A three-judge panel still must certify the results, an event scheduled for Wednesday.

The statement continued, "The State Board of Elections will publicly meet to make a determination by drawing lots, after which the loser may request an additional recount".