Josh Rosen keeps making headlines for acknowledging the obvious

Sam Darnold on potentially playing for Browns: 'I'd be honored to play for any team'

"Whenever I come out for the National Football League, I'd be honored to play for any team", Darnold said, according to Joey Kaufman of the Orange County Register.

For example, on Tuesday Rosen said this about his draft aspirations, via "I'd rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher at the wrong team". The NFL has so much power in terms of controlling player movement and decision making with collectively bargained rookie contracts, the franchise and transition tags, that any time a player gets a chance to decide what they want to do and choose to exercise it, more power to them. "Any team that would want to give me that opportunity to be a part of their organization, it would mean the world to me".

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The Cleveland Browns are already guaranteed to have the No. 1 overall pick for the second consecutive year and once again struggled with numerous quarterbacks in 2017. Rosen made headlines earlier in the week when a report suggested he was hesitant to enter the draft this year for fear of being drafted by the Browns. Just in terms of personality, this disconnect between Darnold - one of the coolest customers in collegiate ball - and Rosen - who tends to be more outspoken and opinionated in public - falls very much in character for both players. Rosen wanted to play, but he won't be allowed to do so. Rosen preferred the New York Giants, who now are projected to pick second.

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen may be wary of being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. The Trojans star is expected to be one of the first players taken if he makes himself eligible. Otherwise, Rosen will be proven right and he won't be the last one to avoid the Browns.