YouTube Plans to Offer Music Subscription Service in 2018

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It will probably be called Remix, and will bring together all the YouTube Red and Google Play Music subscribers.

After nearly two decades in decline, the music industry is growing again amid a wave of consumers subscribing to streaming services. And, we personally don't prefer Google's Play Music either for myriad reasons. One upon a time YouTube even offered something of its own as well, making this another attempt at breaking into the market. Google also got on to this bandwagon of music streaming services with Play Music, however, it hasn't been able to catch up with other services as much as Google would have liked. There is however, something to go off of.

Still, music videos account for a majority of views on the YouTube platform.

According to a popular tech portal, Warner Music Group has already signed up to be a part of the service and YouTube is in talks with two other label giants - Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Again in 2014, they announced YouTube Music Key which allows you to stream ad-free music.

According to some reports, the new YouTube Music service will be called Remix. For now that's about all that's known about the offering, but with that information it would be interesting to see what kinds of features the service would include and if it could stay competitive, and how it would do so. The service focused more on videos than music, however.

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Google, another service from Alphabet introduced Google Play Music as a streaming service in 2011.

This service is all set for launch in March, and has been named "Remix".

However, the service will require a few things before you can make use of it. Apart from this, the company is in talks with independent label consortium Merlin to be linked in it as well.

Amazon Music Unlimited was launched in the US a year ago.

About a minute after signing in on the web into your Amazon account, the Apple TV will automatically refresh to let you know registration was successful.