Billionaire Democrat, Tom Steyer to oust Trump, Republicans

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San Francisco billionaire and major Democratic donor Tom Steyer said Monday he's not going to run for Senate or the governor's office in California this year, ending months of speculation about his future.

At 60, Steyer is worth an estimated $1.6 billion, according to Forbes.

"What we are going to try to do is.enable the voice of the American people to demand action from their representatives as opposed to making it some kind of litmus test", Steyer said.

"We now know that the Oval Office can not reshape a man who does not believe in constitutional democracy", Steyer said.

The book portrays Trump as a Republican candidate who did not actually expect to win the presidency and questions his mental fitness for office.

Steyer said he will also focus his financial clout on helping Democrats running for the House and Senate. "We now know that the Republican Party will not cross a president who controls their base no matter what he says or does".

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"The task which I feel called to do is organizing and mobilizing America's voters - they have got to be the most powerful forces in American politics", Steyer said at a Washington press conference.

Steyer's investment is an extension of the work his nonprofit, NextGen America, has done organizing on college campuses and online since 2014.

"This tide will wash away the stain of the Trump administration, and it will not recede until America lives up to its founding creed, until we guarantee equal treatment, dignity and respect to every American", Steyer said. He is the main source of cash for a super PAC called the NextGen Climate Action Committee, which spent more than $90 million in the last election cycle.

The $30 million will be used to mobilize young voters in 10 key states: Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire and Arizona, Steyer said.

Steyer spent almost $100 million on organizing efforts during the 2016 campaign, where Republicans won the White House and maintained control of the House and Senate.

The Republican National Committee dismissed Steyer's spending saying he could "light as much of his money on fire as wants", arguing that Democrats have criticized his impeachment message as a distraction. "If Democrats' message for 2018 is a baseless impeachment threat that the majority of voters disagree with, they're going to lose".