Buses for Apple employees 'attacked' with pellet guns, company suspects

Buses for Apple employees 'attacked' with pellet guns, company suspects

Northern California authorities say six shuttle buses transporting Apple and Google employees had windows broken with unknown objects while traveling on a highway south of San Francisco.

"There is nothing confirmed but it is suspected that a pellet gun might have been used in these incidents", the email to employees said.

Apple is now reportedly rerouting its employee buses as a result of the incident, a move that will add a significant amount of time to workers' commutes. According to an email sent to Apple staff, the first attack took place last Friday, followed by four more on Tuesday. In an e-mail obtained by Mashable, employees were told that the new route may add 30 minutes to 45 minutes to their commute. Significant damage was done to at least five Apple buses, all off Highway 280 near Woodside, California, TechCrunch reports.

"We believe that it was not some rock that was kicked off the roadway, but actually it might've been someone that was throwing something at these buses, or shooting at these buses", CHP spokesman Officer a local ABC affiliate.

Google announced Wednesday that it was also rerouting its shuttles in the area.

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The buses typically do not bear names of companies, but acronyms for destinations that appear on the vehicle's digital banners can indicate to which tech campus they travel.

In 2016, a report from Wired noted that these protests might not end because "these private shuttles are the rolling symbol of a class war pitting young, cash-rich tech workers against long-time San Franciscans who are being pushed out of their homes by evictions and out of the city altogether by astronomical rent prices".

Doug Bloch, a representative for the Teamsters unit, said that only the outer layer of the buses' double-paned windows cracked, suggesting that the projectiles lacked the force of bullets.

That being said, the buses of each of the tech firms are a distinct color: Google's are white, Apple's are silver and Facebook's are blue. So it seems that the attackers are only going after the tech companies.

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