President Trump Signs Order Disbanding Voter Fraud Commission

President Trump Signs Order Disbanding Voter Fraud Commission

President Trump has disbanded the commission he created to investigate the casting of what he claimed were millions of fraudulent votes in the 2016 election. The Trump administration faced a string of lawsuits challenging the legality of the commission itself as well as its efforts to collect voter data from states.

"DHS can do it more freely and efficiently than a commission can", he said. "Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today I signed an executive order to dissolve the commission, and have asked the Department of Homeland Security to review these issues and determine next courses of action".

Jon Husted has said voter fraud does exist in OH, but it's rare.

Controversy surrounding the commission only amplified in the subsequent months when one of the panel's Democrat members filed a lawsuit alleging Democrats had been excluded from the proceedings and was not allowed to see the information the conservative members were examining. The email's subject line was "Dissolution of the Commission". He said more than eight organizations were mounting legal challenges to the commission. "All trying to stop the commission in its tracks". The majority of states - including some led by Republican state officials - refused to fully comply with the request, although many did provide information that was already public, according to press reports.

Kris Kobach, vice chairman of the panel, said, in so many words, Democrats - who were part of the commission - should have been careful what they wished for. DHS was chosen because the agency oversees immigration and can come up with an accurate estimate of the number of noncitizens on voter rolls, Kobach said.

American Oversight, a government transparency advocacy group representing Dunlap along with lawyers from the law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, said in a statement that it would continue to fight in court for access to records about the commission's activities. "In a ideal world, the commission would've moved swiftly and there wouldn't be any lawsuits". "The sham commission was a political ploy to provide cover for the president's wild and unfounded claims of mass voter fraud and to lay the foundation to purge eligible voters from the rolls".

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"We have real problems when it comes to elections: low voter turnout, unnecessary barriers to participation, outdated and insecure machines, and possible foreign interference", Ho said in an email.

On the contrary, we believe numerous states knew evidence - perhaps widespread - of voter fraud would be found, and they would do anything to keep that fact from being published. Undoubtedly, this is the case in most other states. If they don't want to hide anything, as they maintain, what is their true opposition to requiring an ID to vote?

"If the president seems fine with that now, then all the better for all of us".

No widespread voter fraud has been shown.

"Ironically, what was to be a feather in Kobach's cap is now looking like it's a detriment to his gubernatorial campaign", Beatty said. As Kansas's Secretary of State, Kobach five unconfirmed cases of non-citizens voting to effectively halt the applications of one-seventh of all voter registrations.