Some People want to silence me, claims Praveen Togadia

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia

The details would emerge after the police could speak to Togadia on Tuesday.

Director of Chandramani Hospital Roop Kumar Agarwal confirmed that Togadia was brought in an unconscious state. At that time, I did not pay heed. As per the reports, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, he was taken to the Chandramani Hospital and was missing when the Rajasthan Police came to arrest him in an old case.

He stressed that he did not flee as he informed police on duty that he was leaving the office. "We Hindus need you and will stand by you in the cause of Hindutva" The party sources admitted that it was indeed outrageous that in spite of Z plus security cover, Togadia managed to give it a slip and remain without it for couple of hours.

Relations between VHP and BJP have taken a turn for the worse after the recent Gujarat elections in which the VHP was seen as not playing an active part to support the BJP.

Speaking to reporters, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, J K Bhatt said investigation revealed that Togadia was conscious - contrary to his account that he became uunconscious - on his way to airport. I immediately switched off my phone so that my location could not be traced. Togadia claimed that he has not received any summons or warrants claimed by police in the past. Who wants to get rid of him? There is a conspiracy to arrest me in one case or another and send me from prison to prison to suppress me.

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He broke into a sweat and started feeling giddy while he was still in the auto. When we reached near (Galaxy) underpass, I felt uneasy with dizziness and profuse perspiration.

I took an auto-rickshaw as I was not feeling well. I do not remember what happened after that.

The VHP had yesterday claimed that Togadia was detained by Rajasthan police in connection with the case, but the latter denied this. "Old cases are being reopened, so that I can be arrested. When I regained consciousness, I was at an unknown hospital", he said. "But an attempt is being made to silence my voice", he said. "I am in touch with lawyers in Rajasthan. But I had to protect myself while following the law of the land", he said. So, I am not running away. "Based on statements of concerned persons and call data records it has been found that the doctor was informed much in advance and had told his staff to prepare for a VIP patient", the officer said. "I am not escaping".

Manish Doshi a leader of the Congress Party from Gujarat, said it was a matter of grave concern "the way the global president of Vishva Hindu President is being pressurized to keep silent".