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Sushi lover pulled 5-foot tapeworm from stomach

Sushi lover finds 5ft tapeworm dangling from his rectum and yanks it out himself

Doctors have been warning people that people could be affected with the parasite through the consumption of raw pork, fish and fish eggs. Oddly, the man asked Banh to check him for worms.

"He asked me for worm treatment, and I was like, oh, not an everyday request", said Kenny Banh, MD, an emergency medicine physician at UCSF Fresno who treated the man, according to ABC7 News.

But then Bahn noticed the man had a plastic bag in his hand.

Proving that he wasn't lying, the patient handed him a toilet paper roll.

A man may have contracted a tapeworm from eating contaminated sushi.

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The patient went on to explain that he'd experienced stomach cramps, diarrhea, and then bloody diarrhea. While using the bathroom he saw something hanging out of himself and pulled.

The man told Bahn that he thought his intestines were coming out through his bottom. Once the tapeworm moved in his grasp, Banh stated, rather than simply being appalled, the man was likewise mitigated to realize that it wasn't his own insides.

Rolled out over paper on the floor of the hospital emergency room, Banh said the tapeworm measured 5 and 1/2 feet in length. "My height", Bahn said. The man may have gotten the tapeworm from eating sushi, which contained raw salmon, on a daily basis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study previous year pointing out that wild-caught salmon caught off the coast of Alaska may contain tapeworm. Here's how to avoid them: Eggs get into human hosts from: • Food • Water • Contaminated soil Some symptoms include: • eggs, larvae or tapeworm segments in stool • malnutrition • inflammation of the intestine • diarrhea • weight loss • nausea and vomiting do not forget to wash fruits and vegetables before cooking and eating, and thoroughly cook meat at 145º F (63º C) or higher to kill larvae of eggs.

"I would not go to a restaurant with a "C" rating in NY largely for this reason". In this case, the man visited too many local sushi restaurants to pinpoint where he may have gotten the infestation. "They're not cooking the fish so that is the only prevention method, keeping it cold", Dr. Daniel Eiras, assistant professor of infectious diseases at NYU Langone Medical Center, told CBS News last May.