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Taylor Swift Bling, Blings Around the World in End Game Video

Taylor Swift Teases 'End Game' Music Video - Watch the Preview!

Taylor Swift has released yet another new music video for the song "End Game" from her best selling album called "Reputation". We'll just leave this gif of Taylor Swift winking at us right here and wait for more juicy fan theories from you guys.

And Taylor even took us back to her OG musical era.

If you paid attention to the juice box Swift was holding, you might have expected the words to translate into some hidden message.

In short, she was labeled a "snake" for her supposed deception. The first single was "Look What You Made Me Do", featuring a video pulling apart her entire previous identity, followed by the sci-fi visuals of '.Ready for It?'. But the drinking references, mixed with Swift cussing and talking about sex on the album, make it very clear she's going for a new, more "adult" image. Blink and you'll miss these super-clever nods. Swift bounces between glitzy, editorial-looking parties, holding up cocktails, wearing different outfits, and then the video ends.

Hello, snake straw! Oh Taylor, you think of everything.

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They said: "The video shows Taylor on a night out".

But what else does she hide in the video? Maybe they couldn't afford their day rate.

As well as this one which looks like a nod to the "Begin Again" video.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, starts off at nighttime in Miami, where Swift is dancing and flipping her hair aboard the aforementioned yacht.