Teacher handcuffed after speaking about pay

A video on You Tube shows teacher Deyshia Hargrave expelled from a Vermilion Parish school board meeting in Louisiana

A language arts teacher in Louisiana was handcuffed just moments after she condemned the school district's superintendent for accepting a raise.

During a school board meeting on Monday, Deyshia Hargrave brought up the issue of teacher salary and a raise that was included in a new contract for the superintendent, according members of the Vermilion Parish School Board.

"A superintendent or any person in leadership getting any type of raise-I feel like it's a slap in the face for the teachers, the cafeteria workers or any other support staff we have". After Hargrave posed several questions, board president Anthony Fontana ruled Hargrave out of order, warning her that the public comment section was not for a question-and-answer session.

She was called on a second time and asked another question to the board, KATC reported. She was then removed from the meeting by an Abbeville city marshal.

After the vote, Hargrave - who was permitted to speak by the board - told them, "How are you taking the raise when you are basically taking from the teachers and the employees under you?" She has since bonded out.

Hargrave added that the raise was unwarranted, saying teachers and students have met their performance targets while class sizes have grown.

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KATC obtained the video showing her being recognized by the board, then calmly explain her concerns.

The marshal handcuffed Hargrave and struggled briefly with her on the floor before removing her from the building.

It was not immediately clear if board members asked the city marshal to handcuff Hargrave, according to the report.

"What happened here tonight - the way that females are treated in Vermilion Parish - I have never seen a man removed from this room", she said as people in attendance called the incident "terrible". The school district and other authorities have not commented about her arrest since Monday night.

The National Education Association reported that Louisiana saw the largest decrease in average public school teacher salary between 2014 and 2015, with the average salary for the 2015-2016 school year coming out to approximately $47,000.

Global News reached out to the Abbeville Marshal's Office, but no one was unavailable for comment.