Boeing Gets $6.6 Billion From Pentagon To Expand Missile Defense

The first SM-3 interceptor in a double shot missile defense test rockets skyward to strike out a ballistic missile target off the coast of Kauai Hawaii

The increase in testing comes after North Korea ramped up its nuclear testing previous year with six known missile launches - some of them over Japanese territory.

The official said those involved in the launch, including developer Raytheon, were analysing why it failed.

The missile in Wednesday's test, SM-3 Block IIA, was built by Raytheon and is a project in development as a collaboration between the USA and Japan.

On January 13th, an officer of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) triggered a missile alert that plunged residents statewide into temporary chaos before the alarm was called off as a mistake.

An official speaking on the condition of anonymity said a dummy missile had been fired near Hawaii today - but a missile defence system meant to disable the missiel in midair failed.

A defense missile test conducted Wednesday morning off Kauai was reportedly unsuccessful. Island News confirmed the test took place off Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands, and both CNN and the Associated Press report the interceptor, known as Standard Missile-3 Block IIA, missed its target.

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In a separate report, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said the officer claimed he believed the threat was real and had not heard a phrase stating that it was an exercise.

The SM-3 Block IIA can be used on Aegis-equipped destroyers as well as with the Aegis Ashore system, which Japan decided in December to deploy. "North Korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland", Trump said during the speech.

CNN reported that the Pentagon is not publicly acknowledging the failure of the test partly due to "sensitivities surrounding North Korea's participation in the upcoming Olympic Games and continuing tensions with leader Kim Jong Un".

The secretive state, led by Kim Jong-un, have vowed to strike at the USA if they feel under threat.

It was launched from the shore rather than Navy Aegis warships that carried earlier versions of the missile.