China Communist Party has proposed removing presidential term limits

China may scrap presidential term limit

The CCP Central Committee proposed removing from the constitution the expression that China's president and vice president "shall serve no more than two consecutive terms", Xinhua said. Therefore, the CCP should not rubber-stamp the whims of Xi because China's modernization will be threatened by power concentration being in the hands of a long-lasting leader. Under current law, presidents are only allowed to serve two five-year terms, meaning the 64-year-old Xi would have to leave office at the end of his second term in 2023. This new body will have a political and non-administrative nature, so that in principle its decisions can not be appealed to ordinary courts. "The change doesn't mean that the Chinese president will have a lifelong tenure", an article in the publication claimed.

So my Chinese brothers and sisters, please do not be frightened by the communist party mafia, they have always been weak, relying on fear tactics to keep the proud chinese people as slaves to their whims.

The country's constitution was first adopted in 1982 and has not been amended since 2004.

"Obstacles [to term limits] are being removed at the institutional level", said a Communist Party insider.

Already President Xi holds all the levers of State as General Secretary of the CPC and Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

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"Whether Xi ends up being Party Chairman or just remains Party Secretary doesn't really matter". The training regulation does not formally impose temporary limits on Xi, but it did exist-also so far- tacit custom of high-ranking charges to be withdrawn at age of 68.

"That stage was set with the addition of Xi Thought at the 19th Party Congress". Such a move could pave the way for current leader Xi Jinping to remain as head of state after 2023. In other words, the world of Mao Zedong must never threaten the path of modern China, nor must people become downtrodden based on the political whims of an all-encompassing ruler who dictates to the masses.

The proposed constitutional changes were released in the name of the Central Committee, a council of hundreds of senior party officials, who will meet beginning Monday for three days. The plenary comes only a week before annual meeting of National People's Assembly (ANP), Chinese legislature.

China's parliamentary body, the National People's Congress (NPC), will hold the first session of its 13th five-year term starting March 5, and the proposal for the constitutional amendment could be among matters to be discussed. The proposal would also cover the vice president position.

The tradition of limiting presidencies to 10 years emerged in the 1990s, when veteran leader Deng Xiaoping sought to avoid a repeat of the chaos that had marked the Mao era and its immediate aftermath.