German carmakers funded studies that made young people huff emissions

Volkswagen alleged to have rigged experiment with monkeys to show safe level of emissions

Without the benefit of viewing documents only The New York Times claims to have seen - with the likes of Reuters, Bloomberg and Fortune all reporting off the NYT story - CarAdvice is not prepared to speculate on the details. But now, it's just got worse.

BMW insisted it wasn't involved in the test and called it "repulsive", while Daimler called it "abhorrent" and "superfluous". Can VW recover from this latest controversy? Mercedes' parent company went on to mention: "We expressly distance ourselves from the studies and the EUGT".

"The fact that an entire industry has apparently tried to hide brazen and dubious methods of scientific research makes it even more monstrous".

The research group commissioned numerous studies on topics related to diesel, such as studies shedding doubt on whether restricting diesel vehicles in urban areas led to better air quality.

The three giants of engine commissioned and financed experiments in which were made inhale gases emitted by diesel engines to monkeys and humans to determine effects that se have on respiratory system and on blood circulation, according to They revealed several diaries.

For VW, the logic it wanted validated was obvious; German automakers eager to sell greater volumes of their turbodiesel engines in the world's most important auto market (North America).

The three brands have tried to distance themselves from the tests since knowledge of these tests has come to light.

The study was carried out in 2014 by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but unsurprisingly it was never concluded or published. These innocent animals should not be the ones to suffer for corporate greed.

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The statement was released at a time when the experiments with monkeys, but not those with humans, were publicly known.

The Volkswagen Beetle used in the test was equipped with the same compromised emissions software that could detect when the vehicle was being tested in a lab environment so it was running as cleanly as it could, which I guess proves that Volkswagen will waste no opportunity to be hoisted by its own oil-burning petard.

"The gas was then diluted and fed into chambers containing the monkeys". It was always going to generate an artificially low volume of all the critical pollution parameters.

"We apologize for the misconduct and the lack of judgment of individuals", VW said in a statement.

VW Chair Hans Dieter Poetsch criticized researchers who exposed humans and monkeys to diesel exhaust for extended periods. "The indignation felt by many people is completely understandable".

The study has received condemnation from lawyers and animal activists alike. And VW was not alone in funding its research and operational budget.

The car-maker-supported research is likely to have been in response to the World Health Organization report and an attempt to challenge evidence it had compiled, but the decision to conduct test on animals and even humans seems extreme and raises potentially damaging moral and ethical dilemmas.

The massive scandal at the Volkswagen Group about rigged diesel cars has had a huge impact on the company's image. Contributions of 200 words or more will be considered for publication.