The most memorable 2018 Super Bowl ads

Why Your Echo Won't Perk Up During Amazon's Super Bowl Ad

The premise of the commercial is that the electronic assistant has lost her voice and celebrities need to fill in to make sure people have the help they ask for. So Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has to enlist a temporary replacement voice, with such contenders as Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, and Anthony Hopkins.

Did Super Bowl ad hint that Austin will land Amazon's HQ2?

Now the retailer didn't specify how this works exactly, but as Bloomberg notes, there are two techniques at play here.

While this weekend was actually one of the first times Amazon's new technology has been rolled out, it actually began working on such problems years ago, patenting the technology back in 2014. The Echo then compares live commands to the acoustic fingerprint of the snippet to determine if the commands are authentic or not.

Detroit Lions announce CNY native Matt Patricia as next head coach
If Patricia was Lions general manager Bob Quinn's first choice for head coach as reports suggest, the reasons are obvious. The Detroit Lions have hired Matt Patricia of the New England Patriots as their coach.

EU warns United Kingdom on impact of exiting customs unions
The EU says its rules should still apply during the transition period, as will rulings of the European Court of Justice. The comment comes as Britain seeks to clarify its position ahead of a new round of talks between Britain and the EU.

Computer chips reason for Samsung's record profit
While the profit was expected, the firm's shares surged more than 8 percent after it unveiled the stock split. Samsung's move could affect cryptocurrency , other cryptocurrency miners and China's local players.

You don't have to worry about your Alexa-powered speaker being woken up when Amazon's 2018 Super Bowl ad comes on. The other measure is that an ad can let Alexa know to ignore its wake word via an inaudible acoustic signal. By running Alexa commercials through digital audio editing software, Asphyhackr discovered that Alexa ads transmit weakened levels of sound in an upper portion of the audio spectrum, between 3,000 and 6,000 hertz, outside the most sensitive range of human hearing.

There's been a ton of speculation about which city Amazon is going to choose.

During the advert, Amazon had cleverly ensured the Alexa in your house wouldn't respond when the advert was running.

That means any mention of Alexa's name on the small screen or, say, a YouTube video won't wake up users' Echo devices out of the blue and cause them to follow unwanted commands. It will also be quietly telling tens of millions of Alexas to keep sleeping peacefully.