US Says Russia 'Developing' Undersea Nuclear-Armed Torpedo

The Centers for Disease Control, a US federal agency is holding a briefing on how the public can prepare for nuclear war

In a written statement, Trump said USA strategy is created to make use of nuclear weapons less likely.

What is the USA doing to its nuclear weapons?

One difference is a plan to modify a small amount of submarine-launched nuclear warheads with less powerful options.

It warned the regime would end if it ever launched a nuclear attack against the U.S. or its allies.

A leaked pre-decisional draft reaffirms the policy of threatening nuclear use to prevent cyberattacks, but goes even further - expanding the role of US forward-deployed nuclear weapons in NATO's European defenses.

To drive home the point about deterrence, and to make America's ability and willingness to respond to both nuclear and non-nuclear Russian attacks more "credible", the Trump administration plans to pursue the first new nuclear weapon systems since the Cold War.

Shanahan maintained that "this clarification is stabilizing" and would "lower the risk of nuclear use by anyone".

The threats have changed dramatically since the last time the Pentagon updated its nuclear weapons policy, with Russian Federation re-emerging as a geopolitical foe and both Moscow and Beijing investing in their nuclear arsenals.

"It enhances deterrence of strategic attacks against our nation, and our allies and partners, that may not come in the form of nuclear weapons", he said. Memories of a smoldering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the stark fear generated by the Cuban missile crisis or the massive protests sparked in the early 1980s by the deployment of US and Soviet intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe no longer drive or even inform policy. The lack of communication-and the attendant lack of confidence in our ability to understand and influence Russian decision-making-makes USA policymakers rely more on worst-case planning; this, in turn, leads to the pursuit of weapons we may not have otherwise pursued and may not need.

The 74-page NPR summary that was released Friday called North Korea a "clear and grave threat", and stated that any attack by the Kim Jong-un regime against the USA or its allies will bring about "the end of that regime". This constitutes a "major violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)", the statement said.

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USA officials insisted that these changes will make its deterrents more credible and raise the nuclear threshold.

Russia says it will take "necessary measures" to ensure Russian security.

In making the case for modernizing the triad, the NPR stated that the US for decades led efforts at eat nuclear arms reduction worldwide and the efforts accelerated with the fall of the Soviet Union.

"China, too, is modernizing and expanding its already considerable nuclear forces", the NPR said.

In addition, "Iran's nuclear ambitions remain an unresolved concern", and "globally, nuclear terrorism remains a real danger", the NPR said.

Low-yield nuclear weapons are also devastating but have a strength of less than 20 kilotons. Like Obama, Trump would consider using nuclear weapons only in "extreme circumstances", while maintaining a degree of ambiguity about what that means.

It represents the latest sign of hardening resolve by President Donald Trump's administration to address challenges from Russian Federation, at the same time he is pushing for improved ties with Moscow to rein in a nuclear North Korea.

Two weeks ago, Mr Mount said the leaked review translates Mr Trump's impulses into an order for new, more usable nuclear options.

The US accusations against Moscow set out in the latest Nuclear Posture Review "have nothing do with reality", the ministry said in a statement on Saturday as it expressed its "deep disappointment" with the document.