Years after acquisition, Nest, Google hardware teams to unify

Smart home company Nest is being folded back into Google

The reason products such as Android TV and Google Home exist is because Google wants to be there, absorbing your banal chats about your favourite auto and that new bone broth your coworker's been drinking. With the help of Nest, they will build up more familiar Home appliances which will work with the Google Assistant and can sync with other Google products as well.

In the same post, it was indicated that teams from Google and Nest will closely collaborate to realize the common goal of building on the gains so far achieved by the company's AI thrust with Google Assistant taking a central role in the project's implementation.

Several years ago, Google acquired Nest, a company that specialized in smart and connected home devices like thermostats, smoke detectors, and so on.

"All of Google's investments in machine learning and AI, they can very clearly benefit Nest products".

It certainly makes sense for Nest to merge with Google's hardware group, especially since the two are already working together.

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Until yesterday, Google maintained Nest as an independent entity of sorts with "separate management team, brand and culture", according to the company's site. Additionally, Nest created its "Works with Nest", which works with products from both Google Home and Amazon.

"We've leveraged AI capabilities from Google in the past, especially in the computer vision space and facial recognition", Fawaz added to CNET.

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers announced on Twitter today that he'll be leaving the smart home company. "Being part of the Google family, we get closer to that". Thankfully Google made the decision to combine the software teams of the two companies back in December 2016, which led to Android Things.

Nest has shipped more than 11 million products since first becoming available in 2011, Fawaz said. The new structure will make it easier to integrate Google's artificial intelligence and digital assistant into new Nest products.

In essence, Google is emulating Amazon here.