Apple Health Records Solution Spreads to 39 Health Systems

Apple Health Records Solution Spreads to 39 Health Systems

New AR experiences: Apple is making a bigger effort with augmented reality for iOS 11.3.

The new features are contained within a new "Battery Health" menu, which is under the "Battery" tab on iOS 11.3. You can update is for free, by tapping Setting/General/Software Update on the device. The latest iOS update also has new features to show battery health of an iPhone or iPad and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced.

Apple's iOS 11.3 software is now available to download for iPhone and iPad, and with it, a raft of new updates, including new Animoji for the iPhone X.

The company on its support page says, "Batteries are a complex technology, and a number of variables contribute to battery performance and related iPhone performance". What it actually does is simply monitor the battery and informs the user if the ' performance management feature ' is active.

Apple's iOS 11.3 is available as over-the-air (OTA) update.

Is it goofy? 100%, but I'm willing to bet the majority iPhone X users would install the update just to get their hands on that dragon Animoji.

Apple Health Records Solution Spreads to 39 Health Systems
Apple Health Records Solution Spreads to 39 Health Systems

With iOS 11 Apple introduce ARKit, a dev tool that allowed developers to create mind-boggling cool AR apps and experiences on the iPhone. iOS 11.3 builds on ARKit with the release of ARKit 1.5.

Starting today, according to Apple officials, patients of leading health systems such as NYU Langone Health, Stanford Medicine and almost 40 others, representing hundreds of hospitals and clinics, can view their medical records right from their iPhone. The idea is that you can access all of your health information - like medication lists and lab test results - securely, right from your phone.

The health records stored on the phone are encrypted by the user's iPhone or iOS device passcode, Apple said. With iOS 11.3, apps will now able to use vertical surfaces like - walls and doors, in addition to horizontal surfaces like tables and chairs. iOS 11.3 update also adds the ability to be able to more accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces like circular tables. This feature is available in beta to U.S. users only. If you ever need to restore your device (or a new one) from backup, plug it into this computer and open iTunes to do so.

Apple has distanced itself from the likes of Google and Facebook who collect user data to serve them targeted advertising, saying its customers are not the product.

Apple TV app, a unified place for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users to discover and start watching the best shows and movies, will launch in Brazil and Mexico. Whenever Apple will ask users for accessing personal information, a detailed privacy information will have to be approved by the user.

Huawei's new Porsche Design Mate RS is beyond insane, here's why
Under the hood it pretty much shares a lot of the spec from the Huawei Mate 10 Pro but with a bigger, better, stronger camera . The promo is open to those who will purchase from participating Huawei Experience Stores and Multi-Brand Stores nationwide .

Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants delayed to 2019
The film will add a few new characters to round out the movie, as well as make it scarier, overhauling the majority of the film. Moving towards that February 2019 slot is X-Men: Dark Phoenix , that had been previously inked in for November 2 of this year.

China announces $3bn target for retaliation in trade dispute with US
Exports accounted for 19% of Chinese gross domestic product past year , dropping from 35% in 2007, official data showed. Stocks fell sharply on Trump's announcement, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling almost 3 per cent.