Chinese, US senior officials highlight cooperation to settle trade disputes

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with steel and aluminum executives in the Cabinet Room of the White House Thursday

With the removal of his presidential term limits and his name being written into the Chinese constitution, Xi has become China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, the founder of Communist China, and one of the most powerful leaders in the present day. "They wish to see misfortune befall the country".

While people in the West debate about whether the internet and social media undermine democracy, a big question for many Chinese is whether AI strengthens the iron fists of autocrats. On the contrary, there has been a online against the proposal since it was announced on Sunday, forcing the draconian regime to launch an.

The Central Committee (CC) of the Chinese Communist Party also allowed local authorities to gain greater autonomy in decision-making as long as they are in line with the central rate. He is now effectively president-for-life, or at least until things get so bad that the people around him decide they have to overthrow him, as Mugabe's cronies eventually did.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an American scholar on China who moved closely with Chinese leaders and scholars for decades, told PTI earlier that the inclusion of Xi's thoughts in the Constitution and his "core leadership" status conferred on him by the party previously put him "substantially ahead of others" in the party. It is, however, the one that has triggered widespread condemnation, in China and elsewhere.

Yet, it's hardly convincing.

Shades of Mugabe, I hear you thinking, although Xi commands a country around a thousand times richer than Zimbabwe. By then, he will be 82 or 97, respectively.

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China Communist Party has proposed removing presidential term limits
The plenary comes only a week before annual meeting of National People's Assembly (ANP), Chinese legislature. Such a move could pave the way for current leader Xi Jinping to remain as head of state after 2023.

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As the paramount leader of China, Xi's approach has been to establish China as a global player and tighten control of society to consolidate power to bolster the Party's control of China. Also, other party leaders, including Premier Li Keqiang, members of the Standing Committee of the CPC, who virtually rule the country attended the session. However, China's censors immediately took action, banning the search, alongside other terms that were considered too sensitive or too critical, like "tenure" and "constitution". Mao ruled from 1949 until his death in 1976, and his push for the industrialization of China resulted in the deaths of tens of millions during the Great Famine. But now, given that the proposal is unlikely to be stopped, that is something that will only become clearer over time.

The New York Times editorial board took a hardline stand against Xi, saying that by opting for "one-man rule" made political transitions in China more unpredictable.

"It is likely to make foreign investors more skeptical regarding China's increasingly distinct political and economic model", Louis Kuijs, head of Asia economics at Oxford Economics, said in a note to investors. Likewise, many have argued that this move has gone against the country's effort to "create rules in China for the orderly exercise and transfer of political power" (NPR). He is widely expected to be made vice president later this year after that role also had its constitutional term limits removed.

"Our emperor has received the Mandate of Heaven, so we have to kneel and accept", one user wrote on Weibo, according to What's on Weibo, a news site that focuses on China's social media.

Chinese leaders have threatened in the past to retaliate if Trump raises trade barriers, but now need to weigh whether to back up those threats with action and risk jeopardizing USA market access for smartphones and other exports that matter more to their economy than metals.