Facebook: Making it easier for users' to find their privacy tools

Facebook to bring in clearer privacy controls for mobiles

Samidh Chakrabarti, a product manager, said in a conference call Thursday that Facebook is using machine learning to block fake accounts before they spread misinformation, rather than wait for reports from users.

"Zuck promised easier, better privacy controls "in the coming weeks" eight years ago", Zeynep Tufekci, a University of North Carolina professor who studies social media, said on Twitter.

The move comes in the wake of a scandal over a breach that exposed the personal information of millions and was allegedly used by a political consultancy.

The changes won't affect Facebook's privacy policies or the types of data it gathers about its users.

Advertisers would still be able to use third-party data services to measure how well their ads performed by examining purchasing data, Facebook said. More recently, Facebook disclosed that it was suspending a data analytics firm that worked with President Donald Trump's campaign team, because it discovered that it was violating rules, and failed to rectify the results of its transgressions.

"We've heard loud and clear that privacy settings and other important tools are too hard to find", chief privacy officer Erin Egan and deputy general counsel Ashlie Beringer said in a blog post.

A simpler, centralized settings menu.

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Facebook on Wednesday said it's moving to untangle its often bewildering array of privacy options, consolidating choices in one place on mobile devices, rather than sending users to some 20 different screens. Now, Facebook users can add additional layer of protection like two-factor authentication and review what they have shared and delete it if you want to.

The latest blow: The Menlo Park-based social media giant is being sued by three users who downloaded the social media platform's messaging app Messenger on their Android phones.

Facebook archive lets you download all the content you have ever published on Facebook.

Pulling the Facebook plug will put you into good company: the #DeleteFacebook movement includes such luminaries as Elon Musk and comedian Will Ferrell, for example. It shows every single activity ever logged on the Facebook account, including every post you have made, every comment you have posted, every "like" on someone's status update, for instance.

The three users - one of whom lives in California - filed their suit Tuesday at the Northern District of California in San Francisco, alleging Facebook improperly collected their phone call and text message logs via Messenger and monetized the data for advertising purposes. So in addition to Mark's announcements last week - cracking down on abuse of the Facebook platform, strengthening our policies, and making it easier for people to revoke apps' ability to use your data - we're taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people in more control over their privacy.

The tool is known as Product Categories.