Jeevitha Rajasekhar press meet, Counter to Sri Reddy and POW Sandhya

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Allegations made on Jeevitha Rajasekhar and Rajasekhar. Seasoned actor DR Rajasekhar's name has also cropped up, while his wife, actress Jeevitha came to his defence.

During a television show, the activist said that Jeevitha used to exploit younger female actresses and used them to fulfill her husband's sexual fantasies.

However, in the press meet, Jeevitha was eager to make allegations against Telugu actress Sri Reddy who found herself in the eye of the storm after she opened up about the casting couch in Telugu cinema.

In her statement, Jeevitha Rajasekhar said, "I want to know what is it that the Telugu Film Industry has not given to her (Sri Reddy), that she is going about defaming the entire industry?" Also, she claimed that the activist targeted her because it was recently announced that she would be the member of the CASH (Committee Against Sexual Harassment) in Tollywood. "She used to blackmail the working women who live in Ameerpet area emotionally." stated the activist as per reports on

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Jeevitha Rajashekar arranged a press meet today and in her words "POW Sandhya always had a bad impression on film industry, she spoke an absolute non sense and did not provide any evidence". Now after leaking the chats of several bigwigs from the industry, Telugu actress Jeevitha has leaked the private video of Sri Reddy.

Jeevitha went on to say that after seen this video it would be hard for people to believe Sri Reddy's claims that she was exploited in the industry.

Speaking on TV9 news channel, Jeevitha played a controversial video of Reddy raising questions over her credibility. Sri Reddy was banned from the industry and would also ban the people who would work with her. But the ban was lifted after the Natural Human Rights Commission slapped a notice on the Telangana government.