Mega Man X Legacy Collection Confirmed As Two Releases

Mega Man Legacy Collection Image 1

This collection will have an option to apply filters that can either improve quality of pixel graphics or emulate CRT monitor lines for X1 through X6, while the 3D games X7 and X8 will instead simply have improved 3D graphics.

There's also a Museum Mode included in the video, which also features vintage Mega Man X trailers.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will release on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One July 24 digitally for $19.99 each. Many of the Mega Man X games revolve around fighting groups of Reploids, and players will be able to experience the whole adventure with both of the Legacy Collections. However, if you buy the game physically for the Nintendo Switch, you will receive Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 on a cartridge and a digital voucher for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. There will also be a new mode called the "X Challenge" which is a boss rush mode with a twist where players will have to fight bosses from different games in the X series together. And also explains the rise of the Mavericks and the drama that lead to Mega Man X as a series. Fans of the incredible music will enjoy full soundtrack for all four games, as well as brand-new tracks created just for this collection.

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The collections feature all eight Mega Man X titles.

If you're unfamiliar with the Mega Man X series, you certainly shouldn't be. Or, in North America, you can purchase them as a combo pack for $39.99 on consoles. Are you an S-Class Maverick hunter? You can choose up to three weapons to take into battle with you, or challenge yourself with a buster-only run. With additional leaderboard support, you'll be able to compare your best time and see how you stack up!