Uber launches new revamped Uber Driver app in India

Uber launches new revamped Uber Driver app in India

Our pilot of JUMP bikes in San Francisco is off to a very strong start, with thousands of trips by riders who always have smiles on their faces as they cruise up hills-and past people riding conventional bikes - I almost felt guilty riding mine.

"We believe in it", he said, adding that Uber considered autonomous vehicles "part of the solution" and in the long-term key to eliminating individual auto ownership. Getaround operates in 10 USA cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, and Los Angeles. Last year, a Volvo XC90 from Uber was hit by the driver of another vehicle.

So Uber is looking for new ways where it can expand and wean people off owning cars.

According to Uber, the app, which is still in Beta version is one among many initiatives the company plans to take, as part of what it calls "180 days of change".

Uber has long billed itself as much more than a ride-hailing service.

Residents of San Francisco will soon see something new in the Uber app: the option to rent a auto. These cars are randomly parked around cities and can be rented on the spot.

At a future of mobility event in Washington D.C. today, Khosrowshahi announced Uber's foray into auto rentals, shared bikes in D.C. and public transportation.

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Another partnership is with on-demand auto rental service Getaround.

Reuters provides more: "Uber said in a statement it had entered an agreement to buy JUMP, but an Uber spokeswoman declined to disclose the terms of the deal". "If this goes on, you'll simply have gridlock".

"Autonomous is part of the solution and I think long term is going to be an important part of the solution of getting rid of vehicle ownership", Khosrowshahi said. (Some have questioned such models, arguing that autonomous vehicles take up just as much space as private, manually operated cars - and cheap, driverless rides would only induce more congestion).

Today, Getaround, announced the upcoming launch of Uber Rent powered by Getaround, a carsharing option within the Uber App.

Users of the Uber app will now be able to book train or bus tickets in a number of cities. The service will also include integration of transit maps and schedule information in select cities.The company did not say which cities.

Uber has signed a partnership agreement with Masabi, a transit ticketing firm that has contracts with transit agencies in NY and Boston, among others.

For those familiar with the Transit app, which combines all of the available nearby transit into one convenient dashboard, Uber's suite of announcements Wednesday shows how it essentially aims to become the same one-stop shop.