'Westworld': Who Dies in the Season 2 Premiere?

Fired up Westworld has a bit to go before it can match Daenerys’ dragons

The show touched on these themes a year ago, but now that the android hosts can fight back, the questions are far thornier. We have already seen glimpses of Shogun World in the trailers for season 2, but could there be even more parks revealed - and what might their themes be?

Westworld is back and making up for lost time.

If you have HBO as part of your cable package or have an active subscription to HBO Now, you're good to go.

But once the show stops flashing between scenes so fast it might as well be a strobe light, we can figure out what's going on, maybe. The episode flits between the immediate aftermath of the Season 1 finale's cocktail party, including the following day, and events that take place around two weeks later, after Bernard wakes up on the beach.

How the hosts seemed to escape their programming wasn't the only problem Delos was dealing with, as they found a deceased Bengal tiger in the park. They look back at the host's recorded memories and discover Dolores is leading the revolt. The season ended with an army of hosts attacking the guests. Teddy is still by her side, but seems a bit reluctant to help her.

While everyone was freaked out about the hosts on the loose, one park guest couldn't be happier.

Evan Rachel Wood isn't portraying Dolores or Wyatt. If you aren't caught up on the series, read at your own risk.

Dolores has wasted no time in taking leadership of her revolution, with Wyatt's soldiers (including Angela) and Teddy at her back as she terrorizes and murders any humans (and some hosts) she finds.

And yet, the show tacks on one last surprise in the closing moments of the premiere that could be devastating for one of the main characters.

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For anyone that was wondering what happened to Maeve (Thandie Newton) after she got off the train in season one got some answers from tonight's premiere. That way, you can delay signing up for a free trial for at least another week. I've evolved into something new, and I have one last role to play. He is clearly uncomfortable with his love's reign of terror.

Dolores is shooting, torturing, and hanging people - not just hosts. She may be the best character on the show with Bernard.

Ed Harris as William, aka the Man in Black, on "Westworld".

William also realizes that the stakes are real in Westworld now. What is Robert Ford's overall plan? The boy creepily tells him, "You're in my game".

There are, of course, some brand new mysteries for Season 2, such as Bill's new game, finding "the Door".

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Simon Quarterman, who plays Lee Sizemore in "Westworld", reveals to Access that Season 2 will find his character in a very unsafe place.

Did you guys forget about Sizemore? Maeve decides to spare Lee despite his betrayal, as she can use him to help find her daughter.

This is the same discussion Maeve has with Lee Sizemore later in the episode, after he insists she's not real, and she points out that her unreal hands could still very easily kill him if she so desired.