Alexa and Cortana Could Work Together to Assist You in the Future

Alexa and Cortana Could Work Together to Assist You in the Future

The latest evidence of this new spirit is on display at this week's Build conference, where Microsoft has shown off Android and iOS integration on PC and improved teamwork between its Cortana assistant and Amazon's Alexa platform. It is the first known portfolio of podcasts to be made simultaneously available on both Alexa and Google Assistant in the UK.

Cortana on Alexa can be summoned by using the command, "Alexa, open Cortana".

The Cortana Alexa partnership is still in a beta stage.

The reaction, as shown above, obviously received applause from the crowd who clearly understand the Halo reference stated within Alexa's reply.

Microsoft and Amazon announced plans last August to allow their AI assistants to talk to each other - a move between the competitors that surprised many. Put simply, Cortana will run on Alexa devices, while you'll be to call Alexa from within Windows 10's Cortana.

Microsoft at Build 2018 finally revived its AI-based assistant, Cortana.

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Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. For one, if your phone has a squeezable gesture to activate the Google Assistant, like the Pixel 2 phones, it won't work for Alexa.

It's fascinating to see the Seattle region's two tech titans working together, and for users of multiple voice assistants, it's encouraging that they're giving it a try. Smart devices are also on the rise, and Alexa is also hugely popular.

Though the implementation isn't flawless, support for Alexa as the default Android assistant will be a boon for many users. This was important to her as all her personal information was known only to Cortana as she uses a Microsoft account for all her work.

Unlike the Google Assistant which you can trigger by saying "OK, Google", Alexa doesn't work the same way.

Taylor used Alexa to order an Uber using the third-party Uber skill and told her to turn off the lights.