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Harvey Weinstein has turned himself in. What's next?

Harvey Weinstein turns himself in to police

His lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said Friday that he would fight to get the charges dismissed, saying they're factually unsupported and constitutionally flawed.

The rape charge relates to a woman whose identity remains unknown.

CNN reported that prosecutors charged Weinstein with first and third-degree rape in one case and first-degree criminal sex act in another case.

Weinstein was a fixture of elite Manhattan and Los Angeles society until his accusers came forward.

A jury would not believe the women, Brafman said, "assuming we get 12 fair people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case".

Brafman also said his job "is not to defend behavior".

"Mr. Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood", the attorney said.

Weinstein agreed to post the cash bail, CBC noted, surrender his passport, wear an electronic monitor, and not travel beyond the states of CT and NY.

As he surrendered, the 66-year-old Weinstein found himself surrounded by lights and cameras in a spectacle he couldn't control.

In a statement to Mic, organizers of the Women's March called Friday "an important day in terms of visibility for all women whose lives have been devastated because of the actions of Harvey Weinstein", adding, "We seek justice for women and all people who have been harassed and abused in the workplace". Asked "what can you say?" he mildly shook his head and softly said "no".

"The conversation will keep getting deeper", she said. Later, in a courthouse booking area, he complained he felt faint and his handcuffs were too tight. The most serious rape charge carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. Huerta accused Weinstein of raping her twice in 2010. Two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press the case will include allegations by Lucia Evans, an aspiring actress who has said the Hollywood mogul forced her to perform oral sex on him in his office.

Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi said, "The defendant is charged with two violent felonies. for two separate forcible sexual assaults against two women", and noted that the charges were the result of "months of investigation".

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More than 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault in alleged incidents that span several decades.

The Manhattan district attorney's office decided not to charge him in the case.

"We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you", she tweeted Friday morning.

After surrendering to police for rape, criminal sex act and other sex charges, disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein was released on $1-million bail, CBC reported today.

Weinstein was arraigned Friday on charges stemming from encounters with two women.

But there were rumors in Hollywood for years about Weinstein's pursuits of young actresses.

The news that Weinstein was planning to surrender to NY authorities broke earlier this week.

Equally important, McGowan said, is that the MeToo movement will help women who aren't famous, well-off movie stars, like many of Weinstein's accusers, but less powerful women without a voice.

Harvey Weinstein was in and out of custody so quickly in his rape case, he probably didn't have time to read the books he brought with him.

In a statement published by the Hollywood Reporter, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said that Friday's charges, "reflect significant progress in this active, ongoing investigation", adding, "I thank the courageous survivors who have come forward, and my office's prosecutors who have worked tirelessly on this investigation". The officials spoke Thursday to the AP on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the investigation. They include TV hosts Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, comedian Louis C.K, Democratic U.S. Sen. He narrowly escaped prosecution in 2015 when an Italian model went to New York City police and accused him of groping her during a meeting.

But on Friday, it was Weinstein in the spotlight.

McGowan posted on Twitter: "We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you", as well as an emotional Instagram message about standing with all of his victims.