Macron on GDPR: Europe should provide model for regulation

The Latest: Complaints vs Google, Facebook under new EU law

"Strong data protection rules are the basis for a functioning Digital Single Market and for the online economy to prosper", he added.

Facebook is another tech giant that will offer the same privacy controls and settings available to Europeans under GDPR to the rest of the world (although it has also made changes so that its non-European users - previously governed by terms of service agreed with the company's worldwide headquarters in Ireland - won't actually be covered by GDPR).

Facebook is among the first companies to be hit with a complaint under new European Union privacy laws.

NPR's website is requiring visitors in Europe to agree to its tracking policy before they can enter.

Apple, for example, has rolled out new tools to European customers to make it easier for them to download the data the company holds about them and the devices they use. It would be natural for people in other countries to ask why Apple feels their data should be treated with less respect.

Apple has also promised to broaden the availability of its privacy tools.

What protections does GDPR offer?

The law widens the definition of what will be considered personal data. As the Financial Times explains, this is the so-called Brussels Effect in action: "the European Union tends to write rules for itself and let the gravity of its huge market pull other economies into its regulatory orbit". What day, you ask? This is to ensure that, if the company is hacked, your data is still safe.

The right of access: This means you can access all of the data a company stores on you. It's caused a lot of companies to reevaluate how they're handling consumer data and some of them have started talking about rolling the GDPR rights out to non-EU residents. "And that you're giving it to the company for particular reasons", he said.

"We build privacy and security into our products from the very earliest stages and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation", a Google spokesperson said in a statement, which also noted its blog post on GDPR.

The Latest: Complaints vs Google, Facebook under new EU law
This New European Privacy Law Is Why You're Getting All Those Subscription Emails

If a business has a security breach in the United Kingdom resulting in the loss of your data, you have to be told as soon as possible.

The right to object: If data is collected without consent but for legitimate business interests, for the public good, or by an official authority, the data subject can object.

The law has real teeth. Your responses will only be seen by the Guardian and we'll feature some of your responses in our reporting.

The complaints were filed in France, Belgium, Germany and Austria, and if upheld could see the firms hit with large fines under the new rules. This is usually sent by companies that have already obtained your explicit opt-in permission to collect your data in the past.

'We've updated our privacy policy.' 'Let's stay in touch.' 'Want to keep hearing from us?'

Your positive opt-in is based on the information presented to you at the time, so it shouldn't later be used for anything you didn't sign up to.

This why many of us have received a flurry of emails, forms and other communications over the last month asking us to review our privacy settings. "We still don't know exactly of the application of the laws in New Zealand, so that's something we're going to find out more as the law's applied".

The emails say they're related to GDPR, but what does that mean, and why are you getting so many of them this week?

One thing that won't change - the number of PR pitches I receive.

There's also a somewhat vague category called "legitimate interests". In addition 55% believe brands already have too much information on individuals.

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