Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo can 'drive free' despite collision in Baku

Sebastian Vettel right has claimed pole position in three of the four races so far this season. David Ramos  Getty Images

"It's a little bit disheartening". The Red Bull boss argues that the FIA should be looking at the types of circuits and tyre compounds, and how they impact racing rather than making changes to the technical regulations.

His damaged vehicle was taken on a truck back to the Red Bull garage for repairs.

The team appears to be putting a limit on the freedom it gives its drivers after seeing them crash into each other in the race at Azerbaijan.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo felt frustrated that he could only manage sixth fastest in today's qualifying with a auto that he felt he and the team got everything out of.

Asked about so-called team orders being applied, Verstappen - who is seen as the team's future and, unlike Ricciardo, has a long-term contract - indicated that would depend on the particular circumstances.

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That's what happened in Baku.

"For sure I expect Christian [Horner] to have a word with us tomorrow before the race, and for the next few races until things calm down. We're not going to have team orders but if we find ourselves battling too hard or losing time to the others, especially if there is maybe a faster auto coming through, then I think the team would step in a bit more before we started banging wheels again".

"He doesn't want to make the decision too soon but he also doesn't want to make it too late. This will probably be a boring race on Sunday because this track even with the slowest corner into the hairpin is still pretty quick and you've got a fast corner going into it". As Ricciardo tried to force his way past Verstappen at the end of the front straightaway, Verstappen closed the door and Ricciardo couldn't avoid the collision. "A lot of things we talked about". "From what the drivers could have done better, what the team could have done better, the decision makers on the pit wall, what the engineers could have done better".

"It looks good for us on paper but it is only Friday so we'll keep pushing tonight to make some steps forward". Speaking after qualifying, he said: "I still don't know what the faster tyre is to be honest". "But maybe I should have". "I was kind of a little bit "ugh" after quali".

One area the Anglo-Austrian team is usually stronger than most is in-season development, with Red Bull believing they have made around half a second in improvements through upgrades for the Barcelona race. "The team normally do a debrief after every race and they postponed it so both Max and myself were there in England and we said our apologies and told them it won't happen again", Ricciardo said.