People found a really easy way to make Siri curse

People Found A Way To Get Siri To Curse And It's Super Easy

We tried our hand at the trick by asking Siri to "define mother" and "define the word mother", but this resulted in a long written response without any follow-up questions. Once the user says yes, it comes up with a very inaccurate and terribly inappropriate answer, wherein Siri says, "as a noun, it means, short for mother****er".

Ars Technica suggests the response may be rooted in the Oxford Dictionary definition of "mother", which includes "motherf--er" as a vulgar slang alternate definition for when "mother" is used as a shorthand for the curse.

Gizmodo reports that this "easter egg" seems to be prevalent on all iOS devices, from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X and iPads, as well as on computers running macOS. According to the Reddit post, Siri then asks if you would like an additional definition for the word. While many Apple fans delight in trying to get Siri to swear, it's certainly a problem for users who are looking for an innocuous definition - especially as we get closer and closer to Mother's day. Check out a brief video below where we asked Siri to define "mother" and yes, it contains strong language.

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Apple didn't suddenly program Siri to speak in vulgarities.

A amusing "Easter egg" surfaced over the weekend in which you can get Siri to curse. The expletive from this particular "bug" is even laughable because of Siri's delivery.

Siri, Apple's virtual assistant service is quite famous for its weird answers that it gives to the iPhone users from time to time. While there are some issues in the fact that she chose the fourth secondary definition as the option to provide when prompted to give more information, this seems to be a problem on Oxford's Dictionary rather than Siri herself.