‘Blood moon’: How to watch the longest lunar eclipse of the century

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The totality of this lunar eclipse will last about an hour and 43 minutes, but a partial eclipse before and after the total phase will each last an hour and six minutes - which means the moon will spend almost four hours crossing the Earth's shadow. The total eclipse will begin at 1 am (July 28) and soon the moon will appear to turn red, looking the darkest at 01.52 am.

Also, reported on all eclipses worldwide from 1900 to 2100.

Partial eclipse, where the moon will be partly covered, will last for 3 hours and 54 minutes.

The American space agency NASA says the moon will move into the Earth's shadow on Friday night.

This means that we will be able to gaze at both planet Mars and a total lunar eclipse at the same time.

Mars will add to the spectacle shining brightly below the blood moon as it reaches perihelic opposition - where the Red Planet and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth.

Although the actual point of opposition will take place on July 27, Mars will be noticeably larger for the majority of the month of July. Mars is also safe to view with the naked eye.

It's going to be a rare celestial event.

"This total lunar eclipse will be primarily visible from the world's Eastern Hemisphere, which are Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand".

St Helens Star
Don't miss tomorrow's Blood Moon — the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century

The site also has interactive maps that show which regions will see a partial or total eclipse. The peak of the eclipse will occur at 9.22 p.m. The lunar eclipse or chandra grahan lasting one hour and 43 minutes will be visible in its entirety across India.

Nigeria will on Friday night experience a spectacular total lunar eclipse, which will last for one hour, a professor, Augustine Ubachukwu, has said.

Mr Kirkley said that the sunrise would begin during the eclipse which would "wash out" the colours of the moon as it turned red.

What is Blood moon or Red Moon?

Red light had a better chance of doing so for the same reason the sky was blue - shorter wave-lengths were scattered more efficiently by the molecules in our atmosphere. "In other words, the moon is taking nearly the longest possible path through Earth's shadow". "It's a lunar eclipse", said Helen Klus of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Before and after this total eclipse phase, the Moon passes into a transitional phase called penumbra: the total duration of these three phases (penumbra, total, penumbra) varies from place to place.

"If Earth partially blocks the sun, and the darkest part of its shadow falls across the moon's surface, it is called a partial eclipse".

Prof O'Brien explained that people in the United Kingdom would "need to have a clear south-eastern horizon as the Moon comes up" in order to see it.

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