Schumer suggests longest shot ever for Supreme Court

Maine Sen. Susan Collins won’t support any Supreme Court nominee looking to overturn Roe v. Wade

As Trump weighs his options, he has heard from Sen.

Vice President Pence met privately with Kavanaugh on Wednesday at the vice president's residence and that session went well, underscoring the judge's strong prospects, according to two Republicans briefed on the meeting.

Trump said he'll announce his choice by Monday.

With a narrow 51-49 GOP majority in the Senate, losing any Republican senator could begin to doom a nominee.

President Trump has said that he will pick Kennedy's replacement from the list of 25 prospects that he disclosed as a candidate in 2016. Along with the top three, he interviewed this week federal appeals judges Amul Thapar, Thomas Hardiman and Joan Larsen. We hit a home run there, and we're going to hit a home run here. "And I'm glad you asked that question because it's been a lot of misunderstanding". "If you combine Trump's love for making history. with his emphasis on appearance (the next SCOTUS nominee has to have immaculate academic credentials, yes, but also, the robe simply has to look like she-or he-was born to wear it) then there is a big, flashing red arrow pointing at Coney Barrett". Health care is also "very important" to him, and he says he's upset "by what Republicans are trying to do to health care".

Mike Lee has a proven track record as a formidable advocate for the separation of powers, for federalism, for the Bill of Rights, and for a limited judicial role that adheres to originalism and textualism in judicial interpretation.

Kethledge serves on the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But her main rejoinder to Hawley is that he has signed on to a lawsuit from 20 conservative states that takes aim at the Affordable Care Act's protections for people with pre-existing conditions - one of the most popular portions of the law.

However, three sources familiar with Kethledge's reasoning and judicial philosophy have raised concerns with Breitbart News over his tendency, not unlike his one-time boss Justice Kennedy, to resort to sweeping moral judgment, rather than constitutionally-mandated restraint, in reaching his opinions.

Trump is expected to announce his pick from the list, which now comprises over 25 judges from across the country, on July 9.

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President Donald Trump is set to announce his Supreme Court nominee next week, but according to aides, he might spill the beans early and his selection will come down to who he personally feels "most comfortable".

This was made known by the First Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei Owusu on the Floor of the House today, Tuesday [July 3, 2018], following a statement the Presidency sent to Parliament.

The president made unexpected remarks on the ruling during a luncheon with lawmakers that was initially supposed to be closed to press.

Among other justifications for impeachment, the report cited Clinton's deliberate lies to his own staff and to the American people as a part of an effort to obstruct justice.

Some conservatives have pointed to Kethledge as a potential justice in the mold of Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch; both once served as law clerks to Kennedy. A graduate of University of Michigan Law School, he clerked for Kennedy in the late 1990s and advised Republican Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan. Barrett was born Amy Vivian Coney in New Orleans in 1972.

She said the groups were "calling for a higher standard". Barrett was rigorously tested during her hearing a year ago before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Lee safeguards Trump's Supreme Court legacy for all time, because there is not a single soul out there who can doubt that he would remain true to the convictions he has fought for his entire life", Cruz said.

A 46-year-old mother of seven would be the youngest justice, which means she would technically have many years of influence over the high court.

But her short tenure on the bench may work against her. The court ruled the requirements placed an "undue burden" on the right to an abortion established by Roe.