Sony IMX586 Smartphone Camera Sensor With 48 Effective Megapixels Resolution Launched

Sony 48MP IMX586 CMOS sensor

Pixels in a smartphone camera sensor are generally larger than 1 μm; the Pixel 2's sensor, for example, features 1.4-μm pixels.

'The new Sony sensor features 48 effective megapixels, *2 a pixel count which rivals that of high-performance SLR cameras, making it possible to capture attractive, high-resolution images even with a smartphone'.

Sony 48MP CMOS sensor
Conventional image vs. IMX586 image

While its smartphones haven't exactly been earning awards in any category, Sony still has the smartphone market cornered when it comes to camera sensors. That conversion is how the company arrives at that 48-MP effective resolution. The new sensor features 48 effective megapixels, the highest pixel count in the industry. It beats the current highest-resolution sensors, used in the Huawei P20 Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020's - 40-megapixel and 41-megapixel respectively. As a result, scenes with both bright and dark areas can be captured with minimal highlight blowout or loss of detail in shadows. The increased pixel count will enable great imaging experience even on smartphones which use digital zoom. Then during the nighttime you would get 12MP photos that don't look like they were shot by a potato. This means that in addition to low-light sensitivity, the IMX586 will deliver higher dynamic range (four times greater than conventional products, Sony claims). According to Sony, the Quad Bayer does this in which "adjacent 2x2 pixels come in the same color, making high-sensitivity shooting possible". In low-light pictures, the signals from the four neighboring pixels are added, Sony says, which raises the sensitivity to a level equivalent of 1.6μm pixels (12-megapixel).

For bright low-noise photos and videos when shooting at night. Perhaps the novelty of the sensor will be enough for DxOMark to actually put Sony's flagships to the test for the world to see where high-end Xperia phones truly stand.

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