Judge issues order to stop release of 3-D plastic gun blueprints

Access Blocked to Files for 3D Printing of Guns in Pennsylvania

States are free to enact gun control measures, but "what they can't do is censor the speech of another citizen in another state, and they can't regulate the commerce of another citizen in another state when that commerce is authorized by a federal government license", Blackman said in an interview Monday.

- After years of legal battles, an Austin-based company, known as Defense Distributed, and the federal government reached a settlement, which allows the gun-rights group to share instructions to make plastic guns.

Cuomo's actions came after Pennsylvania went to court Sunday to block early distribution of the plans, which weren't supposed to be available for download until Wednesday.

"When it comes to something as basic as public safety, our State Department's saying, hey, this is a giveaway for terrorists", said Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General.

Trump also announced over Twitter that he is "looking into" the sale of 3D plastic guns to the public and said he had already spoken to the NRA about it but did not expound on the conversation and neither did Gidley.

Speaking to CNN's "New Day" shortly before Trump's tweet, Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting in February, said the ability to download blueprints for the firearms doesn't make sense. "The files are in the public domain you can not take them back", Mr. Wilson said during an interview for "CBS This Morning".

Shapiro says he, Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania State Police sued the company before its formal rollout of a downloadable gun program Wednesday.

In 2013 Defense Distributed posted downloadable files of 3-D printer designs of a one-shot pistol called the Liberator to its website,

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Another gun advocate copied the new coding website and shared the open-source plans on his WordPress page.

But US District Judge Robert Lasnik has now issued an order that prevents that, for now.

Previously, Attorneys General in eight Democrat-ruled USA states sued the Donald Trump administration over a June settlement with Defense Distributed.

The NRA said in a statement that "anti-gun politicians" and some members of the news media wrongly claim that 3D printing technology "will allow for the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms".

A federal judge on Tuesday stopped the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns.

Defense Distributed now aims to create a repository of gun designs and to relaunch, according to a recent profile of the company and Wilson in the magazine Wired. A lawyer for the company said he doesn't know how many blueprints have been downloaded since then.

These basic guns can be made by anyone who owns a 3D printer, which uses plastic or other materials to build up an object layer by layer.

Concerned Washington leaders say it would allow anyone to create a gun with a 3D printer. "The administration supports this almost two-decade old law".