Washington wins order preventing posting of 3D-printed gun plans

Enlarge  The Defense Distributed website this

US District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle, Washington, granted on Tuesday the plaintiffs' motion for a temporary restraining order blocking the release of the digital plans, and scheduled a hearing for Aug 10.

Yesterday, Donald Trump raised concerns about the sale of plastic guns made with 3-D printers and said on Twitter he had talked with the powerful National Rifle Association lobbying group about the weapons.

Last month the Trump administration settled a 2015 lawsuit brought by Defense Distributed, a company led by gun rights activist Cody Wilson, after the U.S. State Department forced it to remove materials related to the printable guns from its website under munitions export control laws.

It's made entirely of plastic, except for a metal firing pin, and could easily pass through metal detectors.

"Republicans say they want to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, with this settlement, violent criminals can manufacture firearms".

It happened after Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration.

In 2013, Defense Distributed posted a YouTube video demonstrating what it said was a Liberator pistol made from 3D-printed parts.

Meanwhile, some blueprints are already available online, and it's estimated that the blueprints have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

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Defense Distributed filed its own suit in Texas on Sunday, asserting that it's the victim of an "ideologically fueled program of intimidation and harassment" that violates the company's First Amendment rights.

Some gun rights advocates said a ban would infringe on their rights and have no impact on crime.

"I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public", the president said.

"It is immediately obvious to anyone who looks at this issue that 3D-printed guns are nothing short of a menace to society, and we are thrilled that the court ruled in this manner", stated Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign. Critics say it open up a Pandora's box of what they call ghost guns. The technology has quickly grown, too, with 3D blueprints for guns now making all the headlines.

Lasnik said First Amendment issues had to be looked at closely and set another hearing in the case for August 10.

Eight US states and the District of Columbia sued, arguing the blueprints could allow anyone - from a teen to a "lone wolf" gunman - to make untraceable, undetectable plastic weapons.

Defence Distributed agreed to temporarily block Pennsylvania residents from downloading the plans after state officials went to Federal Court in Philadelphia on Sunday in search of an emergency order. "The Attorney General's actions today are an important step in developing common sense gun measures that will help to protect public safety". I am thankful and relieved Judge Lasnik put a nationwide stop to the Trump Administration's risky decision to allow downloadable, 3D-printed ghost guns to be distributed online.