Amy Schumer changes her tune, votes for Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon’s Controversial Bagel Order Approved By Deli Connoisseur El-P

The 52-year-old candidate, who's challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary on Thursday, later said it was her "go-to" and "it's pretty delicious".

The outcome of the Democratic primary that got underway Thursday will likely resonate around the nation, as it is a particularly high-profile example of the insurgent left-wing that is seeking to oust establishment incumbents who they say have failed to deliver on liberal promises.

On Tuesday the New York Post cast doubt on Cuomo's claimed ignorance, revealing that one of his top campaign aides was shopping a story about Nixon's Nixon's alleged support for the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement just a day before the mailer went out to 7,000 households.

One of the candidates in the Democratic primary, Zephyr Teachout, pledged this week to investigate Mr. Cuomo should she win.

"Washington is trying to take us in one direction, and NY is going in the opposite direction", he said this week at a Buffalo campaign stop.

Nixon has been trailing in the polls, but according to Pehme, the polls have been consistently wrong, especially in primary races.

Nevertheless, as the shock primary victory of democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Joe Crowley in June proved, fortunes can change in a NY minute.

While he seldom mentions her name, Cuomo has taken her seriously as a political threat.

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But the actress-turned-activist isn't running to liberalize Cuomo ー she's running to replace him.

The race has featured bitter attacks.

Cuomo, who four years ago won by an unexpectedly small margin over another challenger from the left, has moved to the left on several issues - backing the legalization of marijuana and signing an order to restore the voting rights of paroled felons.

What separates Nixon from Cuomo?

The governor was mocked for saying America "was never that great" during remarks criticizing Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. She would also be called to account for her idiosyncratic taste in bagels, and her support for a British tea shop frequented by her former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Aside from the mailer, Cuomo also came under fire in the final days of the race for rushing to open up a new span of the Tappan Zee Bridge by offering "sweeteners" to the contractor, despite the fact that opening the new bridge could have been risky and led to traffic accidents, according to the New York Times.

It's possible that no matter who wins, both Cuomo and Nixon could appear on the November ballot anyway, thanks to third-party nominations.

NY current labor laws make it illegal for public union employees to go on strike, resulting in fines and penalties.