UK's Labour Party ponders supporting new Brexit referendum


Pro-EU supporters are due to hold a large march as the conference opens on Sunday, calling for a second vote.

A tacit agreement to try to offer her some support before she heads to what is going to be a hard annual conference of her governing Conservative Party later this month was broken by some British diplomatic missteps.

Mr Watson said: "We decide our manifesto in the first few days of a general election, there are a lot of things you need to factor in, the prevailing economic climate, the whole packages in there".

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Corbyn said: "What comes out of conference I will adhere to".

Those on the left of the party say they are out of step with the direction of Labour and point to the fact Mr Field lost a vote of confidence among members of his local constituency party in Birkenhead in July.

Deputy leader Tom Watson told Sky News the party would nearly certainly include a pledge to hold another Brexit vote in its manifesto if members voted in favour of the idea.

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gives a thumbs up gesture as he arrives for an interview by BBC TV journalist Andrew Marr, in Liverpool, England, Sunday Sept. 23, 2018.

The move was quickly dropped but party leader Jeremy Corbyn refused calls to offer his support for the under-fire MP.

But Ms Long-Bailey added: "Jeremy (Corbyn) was elected to democratise the Labour Party and, although it's not our position policy-wise, if members decided at this conference that they wanted to have a People's Vote or second referendum of course we would respect the membership".

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"I think the time for vagueness is over", she said. "Some in the party establishment blocked a vote on Brexit last year and they should not be allowed to deny members a say again this year or allow only a vague motion for debate".

More than 100 local Labour associations have submitted motions to the conference, which starts Sunday, urging a "People's Vote" - a new referendum - with a choice between leaving on terms agreed by the government or staying in the EU.

Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite trade union, a powerful Labour ally, said British voters had chose to leave the EU and "for us now to enter some kind of campaign that opens up that issue again I think would be wrong".

Still, Labour faces a major political dilemma over Brexit.

Britain is to exit the European Union in March. "And no one has a clue at the moment what is going to happen".

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (second right) attends a 2012 conference in Doha along with several Palestinian terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis. But many Labour lawmakers think his old-fashioned socialism is a turnoff for the wider electorate.

Another potential issue hampering Corbyn's designs on power is the anti-Semitism row that has dogged the party since he took over in 2015.

Labour backed the "remain" side during the 2016 referendum but Corbyn's support was lukewarm. We want to be in control of that process.