Boston Crime Boss Whitey Bulger Dead In Federal Prison

The cause of death was unclear

The report said he was found unresponsive at 8:20 a.m. and was pronounced dead by the Preston County medical examiner. Bulger had just arrived at Hazelton on Monday.

Prison officials haven't released details, but say his body was found sometime after he was moved to the prison. At his ensuing trial, he was convicted of 11 murders in three states.

Bulger was serving a life sentence, and is said to have been suffering from poor health, but alternative reports from Fox News now claim that Bulger was actually killed in prison.

A lawyer who represented Bulger blamed the gangster's death on decisions made by the Bureau of Prisons.

No other staff or inmates were injured and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating.

Greig is still serving her sentence at a federal prison in Minnesota.

Bulger, who served as the leader of Boston's violent Winter Hill Gang, was reportedly killed overnight at the maximum security prison, the Boston Globe reported, citing two individuals briefed on the incident.

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The tale became the basis for the 2006 Oscar-winning film "The Departed", which starred Jack Nicholson as a character modeled on Bulger.

The FBI had been searching for Bulger for 16 years before his arrest.

The blood-thirsty Bulger ran Boston's powerful Irish mob, the Winter Hill Gang, while simultaneously working as an informant for a local Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.

Bulger would pen notes on his lawyer's legal pad at his cell in MA back in 2014 and have them delivered via his lawyer to Greig who was detained at a Rhode Island Jail at the time.

'More time + fine than people who confessed to murder and made deal to testify against me for the gov and in return set free after short sentence.

A woman from Iceland who knew Bulger and Greig in Santa Monica saw a report on CNN about the latest publicity campaign and called in the tip that led agents to them.