'EVERYONE WAS JUMPING': Dancing partygoers fall through floor at S.C. clubhouse

30 injured when floor collapses at college party

More than two-dozen people were injured when a clubhouse floor collapsed at a Clemson apartment complex early Sunday.

Students could be seen plummeting from the first floor into the basement, while others attempted to jump to safety, but a lot of them were unsuccessful.

The first floor dance area ended up collapsing without warning into the basement of the apartment - a shocking thing to watch here, of course, but at least we can also report that authorities say there were NO life-threatening injuries involved. People were under other people. A video clip taken moments later shows a screaming pile of people on the floor of the basement below, with some panicked partygoers attempting to climb out of a risky pit using remnants of the broken floor.

The floor collapse occurred in a clubhouse unit that had been leased for a private party.

A massive piece of the floor fell through and ended up in the building's basement at the Woodlands of Clemson apartment complex.

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About 30 people were taken to local hospitals after the center of the floor caved in at the clubhouse near the SC university.

"You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of, but nobody thought it was going to happen".

The property management of the clubhouse says it was built in 2004. He warned his friends and suggested a retreat to the balcony but the floor collapsed before they could make it. No one was trapped but about 30 people were taken to three area hospitals.

Dixon said no individuals were entrapped.

The investigation is ongoing.