The winners and losers of new Nafta

Dairy farmers say new trade agreement with U.S. has ‘sold them out’

Duane Martin, president of the Delaware County Farm Bureau, said the US dairy industry has always been marginalized in trade deals such as NAFTA, where Canada was granted a provision to protect its industry through a quota system, controlling the amount of milk produced.

China's Defence Ministry said a Chinese naval ship had been sent to warn the U.S. vessel to leave and that Beijing had irrefutable sovereignty in the area.

"The report that China sought to infiltrate the computer chip supply chain, if true, is deeply disturbing and the latest example of the lengths that Beijing will go to in order to steal America's official and commercial secrets", Representative Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.

Pence's remarks come a week after President Trump called out China for its interference during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

China has responded with counter-tariffs on American products with particular political resonance, including agricultural goods.

Most likely because of two parts of the deal that do, in fact, bind Canada and Mexico to his worldview and appear to make allies of them in his trade war with China.

Pence said Beijing, with an eye not only to the congressional elections but also to Trump's 2020 re-election bid, had "mobilised covert actors, front groups, and propaganda outlets to shift Americans' perception of Chinese policies" and was targeting its tariffs to hurt states where Trump has strong support. He said that in response, Beijing is using its power "to interfere in the domestic policies of this country and to interfere in the politics of the United States".

A Mexican company may be trying to buy milk powder from a Washington seller, added Gordon, but neither party will know how the product's price will be affected by tariffs.

US negotiators originally pushed Mexico and Canada to raise import limits to the USA level of $800 from current thresholds of $50 and C$20, respectively. Canada's new so-called de minimis level will rise to $150 from $20 for customs duties, and $40 for sales taxes, providing a price break for Canadians who purchase items from USA online retailers.

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Pence's speech comes amid rumors that the USA military is proposing a "major show of force" near China's territorial waters in November - "several missions" over the course of a week to demonstrate American naval and air superiority within striking distance of mainland China.

As if on cue, last week the European Union and Japan, both of which are now in trade negotiations with the US, endorsed the template by joining the a statement condemning China's theft of intellectual property and pledging to "address non-market-oriented policies and practices of third countries".

Although the US was able to stop the current pricing scheme from expanding, the trade agreement expands on that progress even further.

The vice president cited U.S. intelligence agencies but offered no evidence to back up his claims, which are likely to inflame relations between Washington and Beijing, already at their lowest point in years thanks to the burgeoning trade war, policy differences and United States allegations of political interference. But for Trudeau, it's either a concession or an admission that his aspirations for a free-trade deal China have fallen flat.

Pence spoke days after Trump himself accused China of attempting to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections.

Despite that, Pence said: 'As a senior career member of our intelligence community recently told me, what the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country'.

Mr Trump himself has accused China of stealing USA technology, and has recently ratcheted up his rhetoric toward Beijing.

He accused China of "reckless harassment" because of an incident on Sunday in which a Chinese naval vessel almost collided with a USA destroyer, the Decatur, near the Spratly islands.

"Despite such reckless harassment, the United States Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever worldwide law allows and our national interests demand, " Pence said. "We will not stand down".