'There is no God,' says Stephen Hawking in final book

Hawking's 'There's No God' Remark in Posthumous Book Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

"This is nearly a response to the response to 'A Brief History of Time, '" Lucy Hawking, the scientist's daughter, said during the panel.

"Rapid space travel and travel back in time can't be ruled out according to our present understanding", he writes. I have been rich and poor, I have been able-bodied and disabled. Unleash your imagination. Shape the future.' Hawking also encouraged youth to 'wonder about what makes the universe exist.' In an excerpt of his book published in a British paper, Hawking theorised about the potential emergence of a genetically-enhanced elite.

Stephen Hawking's posthumous book, "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" has just come out. He first revealed them in 2010 after publishing the book "The Grand Design" with co-author Leonard Mlodinow.

He was still working on the book at the time of his death, but left a collection of essays which his family used to complete "Brief Answers to the Big Questions".

His children and some of his colleagues at Cambridge University completed the book using material found in Hawking's personal archives.

While Hawking considers believing in God a bit far-fetched, he doesn't think that we should dismiss the possibility of the existence of alien life forms.

- How did it all begin? To illustrate, he points to the physics of black holes - collapsed stars that are so dense, nothing, including light, can escape their pull.

Is prediction of future possible?

- Will we survive on Earth? "There are forms of intelligent life out there", writes Hawking.

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- Will artificial intelligence outsmart us?

"Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist", he wrote in 2010.

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Lucy Hawking said the final book is a "carefully curated" piece containing answers to questions regularly asked of the world famous physicist.

A percentage of the royalties of the new book will go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association and the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

In his iconic voice, Hawking starts off by saying that "People have always wanted answers to the big questions." .

"When Brakcet and trump now have a new influence in connection with immigration and the development of education, we are witnessing a global revolt against the experts, and that includes scientists", he says.

In his last Reddit post before his death, which took place as a Q&A on the forum, Hawking said he feared Earth would have a "catastrophic ending" in the near future and that it he thought it could be due to smart robots that might take over the planet. Hawking wrote. "I have no desire to offend anyone of faith, but I think science has a more compelling explanation than a divine creator".